Eastern Alabama is home to some of the worst termites in the country, the subterranean termite. This termite is especially notorious for going undetected until it’s caused considerable property damage noticed by the homeowner. At this point, homeowners often face exuberant costs to repair the damage the termites have caused.

Termite Inspections

Regular termite inspections help protect your property against subterranean termites. Though homeowners cannot spot them, experts have light detection and other tools that detect termites burrowed deep within the wood structure of the home. This provides superior protection against damage.

Ideally, experts recommend a termite inspection at least once per year. An annual inspection allows homeowners unparalleled comfort all year long. Should the experts detect a problem with termites, the regular inspection ensures that it’s caught before considerable damage occurs.

Do not hesitate to call Elevated Pest Solutions. Our professionals will inspect the property if suspicions of an infestation linger, regardless of the length of time passed since the last inspection. Fast response to termite problems is the key to successful treatment!

How to Keep Termites Off Your Property

Regular inspections provide the best solution to a termite-free home.  After a qualified pest control expert inspects the home, it is assured to know that the home is safe.

Along with regular inspections, homeowners can take the following steps to reduce the risk of a termites infestation at their home.

  • Remove ALL sources of moisture from your property
  • Remote rotting/dead wood from the property
  • Reduce shaded areas on the property
  • Seal all cracks, holes, and gaps in the foundation, doorways, and window sills

Suspect a Problem With Termites on Your Property?

Do not ignore the signs that suggest a termites problem taking place at your home. Although Subterranean termites can go undetected, a watchful eye reduces their secrecy and protects your home.

Your home can endure thousands of dollars worth of damages from termites in a matter of months if an infestation is left untreated. Do not ignore the signs and call professionals out asap if you notice the following signs or otherwise suspect there’s a problem.

The most common signs of a termites infestation include:

  • Shelter tubs going from the ground to your home. Termites use them to travel back and forth to your home and their colonies.
  • Termites activity and termites presence is another good indicator that you have a problem with this pest.
  • Hollow wood. Tap the support beam on wood structures around the home. If it sounds hollow inside, termites likely have caused the problem.
  • Swarmers flying near windows and doors is unlikely but nonetheless plausible. If you notice swarmers, get Elevated Pest Solutions on the scene fast.

Termite Control Using Sentricon System

Though numerous options exist to treat termites, including termiticides and baits, we count on the Sentricon system, the #1 termite treatment and control product on the market today.

Whether you’re currently dealing with a termites problem or want to prevent that in the future, the Sentricon system protects the house better than other treatments.  Elevated Pest Solutions is one of the expert pest control companies implementing the Sentricon system into our termite treatment.

The Sentricon system provides a barrier around your home, and with the AlwaysActive treatment, does not require any digging around your property.

It works for an entire year, protecting your home and property from this dangerous pest.

Homeowners feel confident in the protection their home receives with the Sentricon system in place. It is the #1 system because it is proven to work time and time again, keeping dangerous termites away from your home.