Mosquitoes make enjoying the outdoors difficult. That’s a shame since we all love a nice cookout and kids hate being cooped up in the house. We thrive from the sunshine and fresh air, yet mosquitoes ruin the fun as they feast upon humans for blood meals.

Mosquitoes leave itchy welts on the skin. Since they often attack in groups, a person can experience numerous bits in the course of minutes. Enjoying the outside, time with friends, food, or playing is not easy when your skin itches!

Mosquitoes also carry diseases that can be transmitted through bites to humans and pets. West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus are two of the most commonly transmitted diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Some people think there’s no option except to deal with mosquitoes with citronella candles or other oftentimes ineffective products sold from home improvement stores. We’re here to provide you with effective mosquito control solutions that allow you to get back outside without fear of mosquitoes ruining the day.

Long-Term Mosquito Protection

Don’t treat mosquitoes today only to have them return again tomorrow or next week. Using the wrong mosquito control products can cause this to happen. That’s why you should give Elevated Pest Solutions a call if you need pest control service in East Alabama.

If you’ve dealt with mosquitoes until you’re sick and tired of it, give Elevated Pest Solutions a call. We serve the entire Eastern Alabama area with complete mosquito control using the In2Care Mosquito Baiting Station.

When we treat mosquitoes, we expect long-term results. You will be glad to know that your home is safeguarded against mosquitoes for the next year when we treat your property. In the rare event that mosquitoes come back, so will we -at no additional charge to you.

What is the In2Care Mosquito Baiting Station?

The In2Care Mosquito Baiting Stations provide the most effective mosquito control system available.  It’s not just a claim but a PROVEN statement, as the baiting system is scientifically proven to work. The baiting stations work whether treating a small or large space of land.

The bait works by luring mosquitoes with a special larvicide. The mosquito then spreads the larvicide to other mosquitoes, killing the larvae and pupae. The bait is safe for humans and pets, highly effective, and works fast so mosquito problems do not ruin outdoor fun any longer than they already have.

Why Trust Elevated Pest Solutions?

If you’re fed up with mosquitoes, it is time to get serious about mosquito control. We can help give back your outdoor space when you trust us for mosquito control service. It feels amazing to go outside without fear of mosquito attacks, that’s for sure.

Choose Elevated Pest Solutions for your mosquito control needs and you can expect:

  • Honest service from dedicated mosquito experts. We provide top-notch service when you trust us for your pest control needs.
  • Free, no-obligation quotes. We want you to feel confident in the choice to hire us for pest control service
  • Use of the In2Care Mosquito baiting System, giving you the most effective protection  possible against this pest
  • Thorough mosquito inspection at your property, locating all signs of mosquitoes
  • Create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and circumstances
  • Pet-safe, kid-safe treatments that also protect the environment
  • We stand behind our work with guarantees
  • Industry experts
  • Affordable pricing competitive with other pest control companies in East Alabama

We serve the following areas:

  • Auburn
  • Phenix City
  • Lake Martin
  • Opelika
  • Other areas in East Alabama

If you live in East Alabama and need effective mosquito control service at a cost you can afford, give Elevated Pest Solutions a call today.